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Emsai is an European trade brand, dealing in Export, Import and Retail of Industrial Goods in EU from virtually all industries.

We have many years of experience in working with industrial materials and especially connecting manufacturers and clients for industrial and technical items (since 2008). Please note that this website only shows a small portion of what we do.

We work with countless top manufacturers accross Europe, and provide our customers with high-quality materials and finished products, as well as offering assistance to industrial buyers in dealing with manufacturers directly for large clients such as wholesalers and industrial consumers, whenever needed.

Please browse through the wide range of products we have for all industries, available for inquiry and purchase. We strive to always offer premium quality to our customers, and excellent pricing as well. We are an ISO9001 registered firm. Our main offices are located in Bucharest, Romania and we also have an UK company and presence (Emsai Ltd UK). (Note: Emsai is an EU-registered trademark)


We have been an industrial import/export and retail brand since 2008, and been working with countless manufacturers across the European Union for all these years years. We sell directly and also provide export services, depending on the case. WE deal in a variety of technical items such as plastics, rubber sheet, rubber hoses, industrial hoses, composite materials, rubber conveyor belt, non-ferrous metals, insulation materials (and much more) to clients across EU and the world.


We help distributors, retailers and large industrial consumers to connect and deal directly with a variety of manufacturers and industrial plants, providers of industrial goods made out of plastic, metals, rubber, ceramics, composites. We only deal with top manufacturers located in Western and Eastern Europe, vested and high on our list. We also visit all manufacturers and suppliers plants' and warehouses ourselves, as we are always looking to provide a reliable service and 100% quality items.

Why the export service: It is a known fact that finding the right manufacturer and product is tough. Many importers are at a loss in finding the right supplier and often even getting one to answer their calls and emails! It is further difficult and tedious to deal with manufacturers in foreign countries, due to language barriers and more. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in technical materials, and we can help smooth any imperfections from your way as a client, when dealing with a new EU supplier. Please note that our export service is free for buyers, and we connect you directly with the manufacturers and assist with any help you need so everything goes smooth with them.

Therefore, feel free to contact us today through our Contact page!

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